Monday, 6 February 2017

Creating A Visual CV

Like most people - I hate writing or updating my CV. I find it monotonous and boring and always feel that it doesn't reflect who I am professionally or personally. After doing some research I decided to create a more visual CV instead of the usual Word document, using colour, images and fonts to depict my style as a creative professional.

My first steps were to choose colours that represented me as a professional, but not just colours that I like. For example I love autumnal colours; earthy tones of browns and greens, I'm drawn to these when choosing clothes, and love the see nature transforming from vibrant colours into rich golden earthy hues- but these colours might not bode well to employers as browns can be seen as boring and dull. Pink for another example maybe your favourite colour - but for potential employers they may see you as too girly and feminine or even ditzy due to pinks connotations with Barbie. (Not my personal opinions btw just an assumption.)

So the colours I finally chose were GREEN and ORANGE. I chose green for multiple reasons, firstly as I felt it reflected my personal and political views of being a vegetarian, supporting animal welfare and environmental issues which impacts on my professional life as I refuse to work with leather, feathers, fur or silk. It also reflects calmness, balance, and growth. Another reason was I thought it was a neutral colour neither masculine nor feminine - as I work across mens, womens and children's wear. I selected orange as an accent colour to show my diversity, vibrance, and creativity. These two colours work well together, creating a bold and fun statement, and given both of their relations to nature I thought they would represent me perfectly.

My second step was to find two fonts that I felt represented me - again personally and professionally. As I mostly work and create things with my hands I knew the best fonts would be in handwriting styles. I chose a bold chunky handwriting as a main font and then a more simple easy to read font as a secondary text.

The third step was to find an image to use on my cv to show potential employers a little more personal info about me. I decided against a photo and instead used one of my illustrations as it seemed very appropriate to showcase my skills off with.

The fourth step was to compile everything together using my original Word document CV to reference the important details from. I kept it simple by not listing every job or education. Only using what was relevant to keep it punchy and straight to the point. I added little handmade emojis to visually highlight my skills.

I created my CV in Adobe Photoshop but if you don't have that program you could still make a visual CV in Word or Powerpoint. I shall share my full creative CV in a separate post. I hope by sharing my steps on how I created mine is helpful in anyway. There is no real right or wrong in making a CV as long as it reflects and showcases you off to your potential employers. Using a creative visual CV is great to see the diversity amongst people, seeing different peoples styles, characters, and strengths as we all are different and we should embrace it.

Good luck in making yours!

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